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Heather Miller Fine Art

Do you love the style but don’t see exactly what you need?  

Or do you have a special memory or place to preserve in a painting?

I would love to create a commission with you.

Commissioned paintings are such a wonderful way to retain a memory.  And just like recalling a memory – abstract impressionism, as opposed to photo realism, captures the recollection of your feeling.

Memories might be hazy sometimes,

but feelings never leave us,

and paintings preserve both.


Sometimes art reminds us of where we

have been or someone we know. 


Sometimes it just bring out an emotion. 


And sometimes it's hard to put into words, 

but it just feels right.  

Commissions are able to really

capture that "just right" feeling. 

This starts with the phone consultation - 

we will go over everything from composition to color choices to make sure every detail is discussed.

After the consultation,  I will create a color study and pencil sketch on your chosen canvas.  This is such an important step!  The color study will double check all the colors discussed in the consultation are perfect for your painting, and the sketch will confirm  your composition vision.

When the color study and sketch are approved, your commission will be painted with a mixture of wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry layers.  Some aspects must be painted together while the paint is wet (wet-on-wet), and others are best to paint after a layer underneath has dried (wet-on-dry).  Each essential layer adds to the depth, texture, and overall composition of your painting.  As each layer dries, I love sharing pictures with you.

These special updates are almost as fun

as seeing the final piece!

Heather Miller Fine Art
Heather Miller Fine Art
Heather Miller Fine Art

As soon as the final layer of your painting has been completed, I can never contain my excitement to send you the final picture of your finished painting.   Though this is nothing compared to seeing your painting in your home -

the new, precious reminder

of your cherished memory.


To request a copy of the commission guide for more information or to get started on your custom painting, please contact me below. 


I can't wait to hear from you and chat all about your dream painting!

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